Frequently Asked Questions

What is TheraCounsel? TheraCounsel represents a group of Mobile Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) who bring mental health benefits to those who reside in assisted and independent living communities. 
Why should community livings partner with TheraCounsel?   We reduce and prevent behavioral problems. Working with LCSWs saves staff time that can be lost attending to problematic, and often preventable behavioral concerns.  
Is TheraCounsel a conflict with third party providers?  We work collaboratively with hospice, home health care, and rehabilitation teams, and are not in conflict. 
Are mental health benefits covered by Medicare, Medicare advantage and Medicaid plans? TheraCounsel, is the only mobile social work practice nationally, that is network with all major insurances.  
How do the community livings benefit?

Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) quality rankings include the tracking and unnecessary usage of antipsychotic medications, and we are here to help the communities meet these and other quality of care initiatives. More specifically, outcomes include:

  • Enhanced resident psychiatric and behavioral stability 
  • Increased resident participation in social and daily living activities
  • Improved resident and family satisfaction
  • Reduced rates of staff burn­out and turnover
  • Decreased reliance on antipsychotic medications 

In summary, while TheraCounsel serves residents and families, it’s the community living environments that benefit the most.