The Journey to Self-love, Self-Discovery, and Finding Life’s
True Meaning Begins with…You

TheraCounsel LCSWs benefits help clients live better lives, while saving health care dollars. Depression, for example, can have multiple physical manifestations, and appear to be a whole host of different disorders, triggering unnecessary and costly treatment. Norman Geschwind, Chief of Neurology at Harvard, often lectured on how depression could mimic almost any neurological disorder – down to “pathognomon” physical stigma of stroke often resulting in unnecessary hospitalization and readmissions. People with depression also tend to get more medically ill.  

Reach out to your insurance company for life transitions, relocations or just for an assessment. Simply call the 1-800 number on your insurance card and ask for a mental health provider in your area. TheraCounsel LCSWs serve Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami areas, and are in network with all major insurances.

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